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Google Drive

One of the miracles of the modern age. Before google drive, people use to email files to themselves, or have to carry around an external hard drive to keep files with them at all times. Now working in the cloud is a breeze. Just load up all of your files into one online location and that’s it. File access from anywhere.

But have you ever wondered who has access to your google drive besides you? Chances are it’s more people than you think. If you’re a heavy gmail user, you may still be sharing file access with people that you don’t talk with anymore.

There’s an easy way to check

Simply look at the properties you files and folder and check to see if you’re sharing with anyone. If you are, you can revoke access by clicking on the link that says “revoke access” Simple enough. Unless you’re like me and have a ton of folders, and even more files. For some reason, it is ridiculously complicated to change access to an entire folder of files. You can’t just revoke access at the top of the file tree. In google drive, you have to drill down into each file and revoke access. After about an hour of this, I figured there had to be better way. So we went looking and found the big guns.


Who has access by Medium is an amazing free tool that allows you to quickly see (like the name says) who has access to every file and folder in your google drive. Check it out at WhoHasAccess.com

Simply grant the tool access to your google drive and let the who has access tool do it’s thing. It takes a few minutes but it’s my new favorite tool and I would recommend everyone that uses google drive for cloud storage to test it out right now.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Mostly because after you find out who has access to your files, you can easily revoke access using the “revoke access” button.


You’ll be shocked at how many people have access to your files.