IT Support

Printer Problems
Pesky printers got you down?

Our team of printer professional support every type of printer and problem there is. From multi-function scan issues to paper jams and everything in-between. When your printers go down, we’ll get them back up and running in no time with our same day service.

Internet Issues
Just when you need it most

Don’t let internet issues put a damper on your day. When you’re having connectivity challenges, low signal strength, or no connection at all, our experienced experts will get you back online without missing a beat and show you how to stay connected to the World.

Do more with wireless

Whether you want a wireless printer to handle all of your printing or to remote into your computer from anywhere in the World. We’ll help expand your wireless reach across your entire work area to share files or control devices. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Virus Removal
Computer running slow?

Viruses and spyware have a nasty habit of cropping up right when you need your computer the most. Luckily most viruses can be fixed without much trouble. Take care of it sooner than later with our same day on-site service, or a free anti-virus on our downloads page.


No matter what the make or model, printers have a nasty habit of running out of ink or breaking right when you need them most. For high quality prints, there’s a lot to know. From weight of paper, to type of printer, and even surrounded by some conspiracy theories about ink. At the end of the day, when all you need is a decent print that’s easy to use, there’s a few simple solutions. From bulk text of your latest screenplay, to high gloss photos of  family memories. People that have the space and means for the Laser printer get to enjoy a cheaper price per page printed over inkjet type printers. However they also incur more troubles when it comes to emptying toners, or getting older printers to be compatible with ever changing operating systems. Don’t get lost it the haze of a printer nightmare without our help.

Internet Issues

Comcast and Centurylink/Qwest seem to be the only viable choices left in town when it comes to have a high speed internet service installed in your home or business. But these high speed internet services face more challenges now than ever before. Nothing makes me want to smash my laptop more than a slow internet connection! While increased demand for bandwidth on internet has put a strain on current infrastructure, it’s not their biggest issue. The steepest challenges these companies face in the denver – boulder colorado area is with the ever changing computers that these companies need to integrate with again equipment. With the evolution of equipment ranging from wireless A B G and now N, advances in the technology challenge the equipments ability to access internet properly.  I personally found that this equipment is always lacking when it comes to coverage or signal strength an always swap it out with high quality routers and switched for the fastest signal, with the most coverage. Call today to have your old equipment swapped out for the fastest upgraded connection and make the most of your internet today.


Whether your small business has a few employees or a few hundred, a solid IT Infrastructure backbone is the key to communication. When your connection runs slow, your company runs slow, and gives your competition that much more of an edge. So much can be done with networking now whether it’s wireless, hardwired, behind a firewall, or locked down for security reasons. Let us help you find new solutions to your in-home or office network. Internet security has made leaps and bounds in the last 5 years, due to increased identity theft. Over 100,000 people were affect in Denver alone last year. Don’t be another statistic this year. Make sure you connection to the internet is locked down tight before doing any internet transactions where money is involved. How secure are you?

Virus Removal

Oddly, viruses aren’t as big of an issue anymore as they use to be. While there’s still many virus that are created everyday, most ISPs (internet service providers), and mail filters do a pretty good job of keeping them out. For the few that do get past those levels of security, the antivirus program on most computers and now built into windows 8 catches most of the others.  Every now and then you may see one or two. But if you suspect you might have a virus it’s much more likely that you have a spyware trying to steal your information, or some sort of bot is attempting to hold your computer hostage. Does this found familiar? Windows is most susceptible to viruses, but Apple based systems can get them as well. Don’t hesitate to call for a $49 diagnostic. If you don’t have an antivirus program, check out our downloads page to get a free one.

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