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Boulder Colorado IT support and Computer Systems Security MonitoringHow Secure Are You?

The two most important aspects of IT Guys is Safety and Information Security. It’s a matter we take very seriously followed shortly thereafter by the pursuit for the perfect french fry and customer satisfaction. We work closely with IntelAssure Consulting to continually develop new processes and protocols to keep information safe and your data secure.

In situations where your information is everything, we recommend IntelAssure for all of your secure data needs to provide active monitoring of threats at your place of business. However for businesses that don’t have the budget for high end information security professionals, IT Guys have developed our own creative ways to solve information security challenges.

Think you’re secure? Think again.

For wireless networks if you think you’re secure because you have a security encryption lock, think again. One quick search in Google for “how to hack a wireless network” will bring up scores of videos that will show anyone how to hack a wireless network in minutes with links to download free software to help in the process.

We go beyond WEP, WPA, or even WPA II to our own security protocols with firmware upgrades developed in house to make sure your network can never be hacked again. Common signs of wireless network that have been compromised are network slowness and momentary drops in network connectivity.  Notices from your internet provider saying that you’ve been illegally downloading copyrighted material is a strong sign of poor security.
Information Security
You can also do a free speed test to see what your network connection strength is. If your not receiving all of the bandwidth your paying for, something is wrong. Call us today to perform a free assessment of your network.

People that have access to your wireless network potentially have access to all information sent over the internet. Whether it’s bank statements, password information, social security numbers, or simply would prefer not being watched.

Other levels of  Information Security include file encryptions with true crypt algorithms to lock down your data. This is done so if someone gets your data, there’s little chance anyone will discover the contents of your files.

Data destruction services for Information Security.

There really is no way to completely destroy your data. That’s why our friend Mr. Metal Chipper grinds old hard drives into confetti so that there is no way to recover data…ever.

When you’re serious about data destruction and Information Security, you know who to call



More than just Information Security

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