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Whenever you get rid of old computers or hard drives it’s very important that all information is completely erased. Especially with things like Social Security numbers bank account information’s proprietary files and credit card information. There are many programs that claim they can destroy all sensitive information on a hard drive.  However the only way to ensure that information can never recover is to run the drive through hard a drive shredder. Hard drive shredding is the process of taking a hard drive and running it through a grinder that basically makes metal confetti. It’s the complete physical destruction of a hard drive.

Physical Destruction

Complete physical destruction of hard drive is 100% effective to destroy all information. Data removal data destructionsoftware or crushing the drive can still leave information intact. The efficaciousness  of destroying information is dependent on whether or not the data from the drive can be recovered. No other method is is is as effective as hard drive shredding.

IT guys mobile hard drive shredding unit fully shreds physical hard drives complying with all industry standards and ensuring that any drive will be useful for recycling only. Our hard drive shredding service is a high-security hard drive shredding facility on wheels that comes to you and completes the shredding on-site. We guarantee that all information will be unsalvageable.

Why choose IT guys for mobile hard drive destruction?

  • We guarantee secure handling of your computers in the data that’s on
  • Secure transports of hard drives from office shredder
  • Multi-compliancy Department of Defense and HIPAA to name a few
  • Immediate physical destruction of unwanted hard drives and storage devices

ITGuys is  more than hard drive destruction. We can perform data destruction on any data device that you have. From laptops to CDs to phones to PDAs tapes and any other customized proprietary device your company might use for network access storage devices to external hard drive enclosures.

When you’re ready to dispose of your old hard drives contact ITGuys for our Data destruction service. We come to you. We make it easy to destroy your hard drives with our mobile facility in Denver Colorado. With certified physical shredding and recycling of hard drive materials. You can relax with the knowledge that your data is safe.

Beyond hard drive sanitation, IT guys make dust of your hard drives.

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