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Meet Jeff:

Jeff is a local Colorado resident, a musical prodigy, and a Vietnam Veteran.

At age 15 he had to give up his dreams of following a music career to find a job and help support his family. Shortly thereafter he was drafted to the US Army and spent the next several years of his life fighting in the Vietnam War. After the war ended, without a college education or a high school diploma Jeff ended up working in the Uranium mines in Larimer, Colorado for the next 30 years.

Unfortunately Jeff was recently diagnosed with cancer from his mining activities and has been placed on disability while he undergoes treatment. But he soon realized he would be unable to survive on $737 per month and wanted to start an online business to share his talent for music with others and help support himself.

When MyNewITGuys heard about this story we went to work putting together a system for him and surprised Jeff with a refurbished Computer, LCD monitor, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse, Webcam, and a DVD player, all donated by members of the community. Then we gave him all the recording software and training he needs accomplish his goals.

We’re all rooting for you Jeff, rock your heart out!