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How To Design in Google’s New Sites

Author's Note: As of September 1st, 2021 all websites designed using Google's Classic Sites will need to be converted to Google's New Sites in order to remain visible to audiences. Websites that have not been converted by September 1st will be archived to the corresponding website administrator's Google Drive. This article picks up after the point of conversion to New...

ITGuys COVID-19 Statement

Yes, it’s another statement about COVID-19! You’ve probably been receiving them from every person you’ve ever done business with, and we’re no different. Rest assured, our support services haven't stopped (or even slowed down). We want you to know the precautionary steps we are taking, and reassure you that we are here to provide support for your company, and support our...

You’ll be shocked at who has access to your google drive files

You’ll be shocked at who has access to your google drive files

Google Drive One of the miracles of the modern age. Before google drive, people use to email files to themselves, or have to carry around an external hard drive to keep files with them at all times. Now working in the cloud is a breeze. Just load up all of your files into one online location and that's it. File access from anywhere. But have you ever wondered who has...

Bolder Pathway School Laptop Giveaway

IT guys is a Denver Colorado based IT company that supports business with computer repair. We also recycle laptops from members of our community, refurbishes them, and gives them away to worthy causes in Colorado. This week our computer giveaway went to the Bolder Pathway School in Westminster Colorado. The Bolder Pathway School is a program for special needs children...

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