How to Change the Wireless Settings in Comcast Modem Router

Comcast modems/routers/cable gateways are shipped with predefined pass phrases or keys and a predefined name for your network that’s usually something  like ‘HOME-45-4G’. While the default name of the network of SSID isn’t bad, it’s not necessarily easy to remember or easy to find if your neighbors also have similarly named networks from using the […]

Should I upgrade to Windows 10 yet?

The free windows 10 upgrade that has installed itself on all windows 7 and windows 8 computers has people asking themselves this very question. The new windows upgrade is much like its predecessors in that they have promised amazing things for windows 10. More stability and security, better functionality, and the like. However much like […]

Google Updates to Mobile Friendly Algorithm

The Google search engine most recent update to their algorithm implemented in May was designed to test websites against their mobile readiness. As searches on the internet have been eclipsed by mobile devices over desktop and laptop computers, updates are evolving with them to help guide the internet to ever faster access to information. Sites that weren’t […]

Bolder Pathway School Laptop Giveaway

IT guys is a Denver Colorado based IT company that supports business with computer repair. We also recycle laptops from members of our community, refurbishes them, and gives them away to worthy causes in Colorado. This week our computer giveaway went to the Bolder Pathway School in Westminster Colorado. The Bolder Pathway School is a […]

How to Delete Personal Files from a Computer Without Deleting Programs

When you need a fresh start Whether you’re selling a computer, or just want to clear everything off, deleting your data without deleting your programs is snap! No need to reformat your computer back to the factory settings. PC (For Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7,Windows Vista, and Windows XP) Go to your start menu, […]

Windows Password Recovery

Did you forget your password on your windows 8, windows 7, or even windows XP machine? You can try getting into your computer yourself by using the administrator account. Simply restart your computer, then tap the F4 or F8 keys (all computers are different) to boot the computer into safe mode. Once you’re in safe […]

Why Does My Computer Sound Like It’s Taking Off?

Does your computer sound like you’re standing next to an airplane about to take off? In other words the fan on your computer running all of the time? There’s a couple reasons this type of computer problem can happen. But luckily you don’t need the best IT Support in Denver to fix it. In most […]

What to do when water spills on a laptop

What To Do When Liquid Spills on Your Laptop? First off be thankful you have another device to look up this information! Traditionally, everyone knows that liquids and laptops don’t mix. But we all do it. As I’m typing these words on my MacBook Air, I’ve got a cup of tea next to my machine […]

The Black Screen of Death After Windows 8.1 Update

The black screen of death after 8.1 update | Symptoms , Causes, and Solutions   I’ve seen the blue screen of death. But this was my first black screen. You know the saying once you go black you never go back, they’re right. If you’re unfamiliar with the black screen of death, it pretty much […]