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How Do I Recycle?

So you’ve learned what e-waste recycling is and why you should do it. If you’re now asking yourself, “how do I recycle my old computer?”, then you’ve found your answer. We provide the free electronics recycling Denver residents need. Our effortless computer donation system makes recycling a snap!

Data Destruction

We take information security extremely seriously at ITGuys. Every storage device within every machine that we recycle is subjected to total physical destruction. In other words, we make metal dust out of your old or unwanted drives. Shredding storage devices ensures that your data will never come back and that the remains can be recycled safely. If you haven’t seen what data destruction looks like, it’s pretty mesmerizing. Check it out below! 

ITGuys Team provides the free electronics recycling Denver residents need.

Recycling Has Never Been Easier

If your computer (laptop or desktop) is 5 years old or newer, it is eligible for refurbishment. We repair these newer computers and donate them to people in our community who can really use them. Your donations benefit numerous charities and families alike. 


Owning a computer is vital these days. Students need to attend their classes and do their coursework, often remotely. Professionals in many fields require a computer to work effectively. As necessary as computers are to the livelihood of the average person, obtaining one usually requires an investment. That’s where we come in! You and your donations help us help people. If you’ve been wondering how you can assist your community, this is how. 

What if your computer is older than 5 years? Unfortunately, technology becomes outdated quickly, and if the machine is too old it cannot be effectively repurposed within the general population. That doesn’t mean you can’t recycle it, however! We recommend that you check out the CHaRM Facility in Boulder. They share our passion for reducing waste and do great work with hard-to-recycle materials. 

We dispatch our recycling fleet every week to pick up your old, unwanted, or broken computers so that they can be recycled or dismantled properly. Just give us a call at (303)578-6256 to schedule your pickup and we’ll take care of the rest.

Help Us Make a Difference

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our free electronics recycling Denver program, you should contact us. Our professional staff will be thrilled to help guide you through the process of donating your computer and getting it into the hands of someone who can truly use it. We don’t charge a thing for our recycling services, so please call today!

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