Why Recycle Your Computer?

why RecycleBenefits Of Recycling
Reduce, reusing, and recycling for any materials is always a good idea to help maintain a healthy environment. But when it comes to computers there’s a couple added benefits. The continued high demand for a cheaper, and faster computer makes the need for recycling more important than ever. Past estimated figures have shown that only 10% of obsolete computers have been properly recycled. The rest have ended in landfills, storage, burned in incinerators, and in third world counties that have no modern means or education to properly handle the material. This material often ending up in untrained hands to be taken apart under hazardous conditions.

Recycling Electronics Helps To Save Natural Resources In Natural Areas
The recycled products that are made from recycled electronics slows the depletion of non-renewable resources and decreases the need for new mining and drilling operations.

Recycling saves energy

It generally takes much less energy to produce electronics with recycled materials that virgin materials. Reduced energy consumption lead to reduced costs in production, which leads to less expensive electronics, and helps to reduce the dependence on foreign suppliers.

Reducing Pollution
Most energy is fossil fuel based, so reduced energy consumption leads to less air pollution like CO2 and NOx. Less use of natural resources also lead to less environmental challenges such as runoff from mining operations and farms, soil erosion and the toxic chemicals released when raw materials are processed.

Conservation Of Landfill Space
Our finite planet has limited amount of space for us, and for the waste we produce. When e-waste ends up in a landfill, it stays there and takes up space until it decomposes back into the soil (approximately 1,700 years).  As waste breaks down—it releases the greenhouse gas methane and can emit many toxic pollutants into our water table. Keeping recyclable items out of our landfills keeps air and water cleaner, reduces the need to build new or expanded landfills, and conserves resources by putting existing materials back to good use.

Recycling Creates Jobs
In this economy, we should work toward creating as many jobs as possible. It’s good for the environment and good for business. Over 1,000,000 jobs in the United States are directly dependent on recycling materials.  Landfills and incinerators burn up far too many jobs.

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