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Recycling Program

Just a few decades ago, computers were rare, expensive, and huge. These days you can find one nearly anywhere. This is because manufacturers work constantly to make them smaller, faster, and much more accessible. However, with such speedy and groundbreaking technological advancements come quickly obsolete models.

Unfortunately, every one of these computers contains harmful components that can cause substantial damage to our environment, such as lead and mercury. They also contain precious metals such as gold and platinum.

ITGuys Team is here to provide the free computer recycling Denver residents require.

Our zero-waste recycling program ensures that no computer ends up in a landfill. We aim to change lives by providing the free computer recycling Denver residents require. At ITGuys, we’re dedicated to building a better future through technology by giving away free computers to members of our community. Unlike some faux nonprofits which claim to help others while charging administration fees for “donating” computers, our re:Start program is 100% volunteer based, the computers we rehome are 100% free, and the entire program runs on recycled donations from people like you. 

If concerns about your data are holding you back, don’t worry. We’re backed by IntelAssure, which follows strict government HIPAA compliance standards to make certain that any data lurking in donated machines is completely and physically destroyed. The IntelAssurance Certification ensures that all information is destroyed in the safest way possible– by grinding it into dust!

Unfortunately, some computers are simply too old to refurbish and put back into the community for use. If we can’t rebuild a donated computer to give to someone in need, we’ll still work to keep the harmful or difficult-to-dispose-of materials out of landfills. 

For computers that are unrepairable, we recycle the plastics and metals with nonprofit organizations like Eco-Cycle to keep e-waste where it belongs.

To date, we’ve prevented the improper disposal of over 100 tons of e-waste.

Way More Than Computer Recycling

At ITGuys, we do much more than recycle computers. As a full-service IT support firm, we bring a full complement of solutions for Apple and PC computers to the table. From common services like data recovery and business IT support to not-so-common services like onsite server administration and virus removal, we’ll always be prepared to help. So the next time you have computer problems, think of ITGuys! We’re available 24/7 with 12 locations in Colorado ready to serve you!

We Need Your Help

We need your old, unused, or unwanted computers, towers, LCD monitors, CPUs, keyboards, mice, and other electronics so that we can pass them on to the people who need them most. We’re working together toward a better tomorrow. 


Your recycle donations help people in different ways every day. Some are without access to education, others without resources to find jobs, and some need an avenue to express their creativity. To you, they may be just old electronics, but to others they are invaluable tools to stay connected with the rest of the world. 


We volunteer our time to provide computers to families, children, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and charities. But even with our efforts, there are so many people who still need help. You can assist by recycling your old computer today.

Our effortless pick-up recycle system makes it easy to get rid of your old electronics in an environmentally-friendly way. Let us know that you have some old electronics you would like to recycle and we’ll come directly to you to pick them up. All of the vehicles in our recycling fleet are carbon offset with TerraPass so there’s no need to drive anywhere. Just contact us by phone, email, or fill out our online form below and we’ll take care of the rest.

Receive a Free Computer Today

Would you like to receive your own free computer? Contact us with information about how we can help and why a computer would make a difference in your life. If you know someone who could use a computer, tell us about it. We give away as many computers as we have available monthly, so hurry and get yours today!

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