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Who Handles the Recycling?

You can trust our team of professionals with your old computer. Here at ITGuys, we are committed to safe recycling procedures, whether we’re talking about computers or miscellaneous electronics. Once a computer has processed its last byte, the question of what to do with it next can get a bit messy. Toxic chemicals, carcinogens, and heavy metals are all part of what makes computers work. Improper disposal can bring them all a little too close for comfort.

Sending your old electronics to the great motherboard in the sky can be tricky to do responsibly. The state of Colorado has a lot of strict laws concerning the stringent requirements for handling e-waste and for preventing unauthorized “recyclers” from handling outdated electronics. Luckily, ITGuys provides a solution.

We are dedicated to environmental stewardship. As a policy, we will never export electronic components outside of the country–or outside of the state, for that matter.

re:Start Program

If your machine still functions (and not just as a paperweight), then volunteers at ITGuys will put that computer to good reuse. As part of the re:Start program, we refurbish or rebuild computers out of salvaged parts and donate them to people who need them. Our goal is to give old computers new life, and in turn to empower others to succeed in their endeavors.


Most electronics can be recycled without difficulty, but not all. We cannot accept or recycle cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors, which contain a host of environmentally-hazardous components which are too toxic to handle.

We offer our services as far north as Cheyenne, Wyoming (Cheyenne, WY), as far south as Colorado Springs, and usually anywhere within a 150 mile radius of Denver, Colorado. If you have a lot of computers and/or electronics to recycle and you live outside of Colorado, we may still be able to transport your materials to our Colorado facility. Contact us to schedule your free e-waste pickup today!

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