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Which Electronics Can Be Recycled?

Refurbish, Reuse, Recycle

The primary goal of the re:Start Program® at ITGuys is to reduce e-waste and refurbish computers so that we can help people who need them most. In order to make this goal a reality, we need donations from people like you. We’re passionate about it, and so is our team of refurbishment experts and volunteers, who donate their time and energy to help support our cause. 

What is Recyclable?

While computers may be our main focus, they are not the only electronics which we can recycle. We can properly recycle laptop computers, PCs, CPUs, LCD monitors, keyboards, mice, and other electronic devices. If you have any questions about whether a device you want to donate can be recycled, please contact us at (303)578-6256 to find out more information.

What isn’t Recyclable?

It is our mission to freshen up computers and give them away to people in need. We can accept nearly any computer with an “on” button, but there are some devices that we cannot accept. We cannot recycle cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors, due to the extremely hazardous components which cannot be safely handled. We also cannot accept any computers which run on a Pentium 4 processor or older. 

Beyond Recycling

We appreciate all of the e-waste our Denver and Colorado communities help to recycle, but don’t stop there! Go and offer your knowledge to a friend, a co-worker, your employer, and even your child’s classroom. You can offer our recycling services as a resource. Too many computers end up in landfills or in under-developed countries, wreaking havoc on the environment and on public health. Recycling your own devices is a great start, but it is just a start. You can show your support and commitment by spreading the word about proper electronics recycling, and also by placing one of our e-waste recycling bins in your business location. Click here for more details.

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