What Electronics Can Be Recycled

Reduce, Refurbish, and Reuse
The primary goal of the re:Start Program at IT Guys is to reduce e-Waste and refurbish computers so that we can help people that need them most. Our refurbishment team of volunteers donate their time and energy to help support our cause.

What is recyclable?
Items that can be properly recycled, include computers, CPUs, LCD monitors, keyboards, Mice, and other electronic devices. Please contact us find out more information on items that can be recycled with us.

What isn’t recyclable?
It’s our goal to refurbish computers, and give them away to people in need. We can accept almost any computer with an on button, except for CRT monitors for many environmentally hazardous reasons and unfortunately we cannot accept any computers that are P3 and below.

Beyond recycling

We appreciate all of the e-waste our Colorado community helps to recycle, but don’t stop there. Go and offer your knowledge to a friend, a co-worker, your employer and even your child’s classroom. Offer our recycling services as a resource. Then, after just a little work you know you’ve made a difference.

You can also show your support and commitment to helping the environment by placing one of our e-waste recycling bins in your business location. Click here for more details.

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