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Use This Easy Trick to Protect Yourself From Ransomeware

Use This Easy Trick to Protect Yourself From Ransomeware

What is ransomeware you ask? Ransomeware is when a horrible mean spirited human being or set of human beings work to do others digital harm for financial gain. They create a special type of virus that runs through your computer and encrypts every files on the computer system. The decryption is only available by paying a lot of money in non traceable currency to jerks who...

How to make your 5 old mac book pro run like new!

All computers slow down over time. Its a fact of life But there are a few cheap and easy ways to speed up your MacBook like new or better than new! Check out the tips below to enhance the performance of your MacBook. With a little knowledge and skill, you'll be surprised how much performance you can squeeze out of your old MacBook. Why do MacBooks slow down? MacBooks are...

Sync iPhone Contacts with Outlook For Mac 2016

Sync iPhone contacts to Outlook for Mac and vice Versa A seemingly simple problem, right? How could this be difficult. Surely there's more than one person out there that's tried this. You would think that if Microsoft supports office for mac, then surely apple would support syncing between iPhone and outlook for mac products. NOPE! Long story long, Apple use to have a...

Should I Buy A New Computer Or Fix My Old One?

It's always a tough decision to say whether it's better to buy a new computer or repair your old one. We're prone to think whats new is better, faster, or just sexier, but that's not always the case. With proper maintenance, desktop computers should last a very long time. We see a fair amount of machines that are 10+ years old that are still running strong. At ITGuys,...

5 Tips On Speeding Up Your Wireless Signal

It seems as though our customers are always fighting a constant battle for internet speed. Whether it's the ISP having issues with bandwidth, routers acting up, or some other strange reason, I always find myself rebooting the wireless router, reseting the modem, or some combination of the 2. For frustrated users, the following are a few tips on how to make sure you're...

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