Business And Technology

Business and technology go hand-in-hand for any successfully run company

Business technology encompasses a wide range of services solutions, hardware devices, and software. The key is to utilize  technology to make operations more efficient. The technology aspect of business plays into many facets from customer communications to accounting and product technology support

Business Technology marches on

The fast and ever-changing movement of technological development over the last couple years has made things more powerful and less expensive for larger company’s. Small businesses can take advantage of new business technology to do more. Businesses with the right technology give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

A good IT infrastructure is at the heart of a well-run business. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your company has the strongest IT support you can afford. The problem that many run into  is how to decide which IT support company to go with. Especially if a full time  IT support staff isn’t in the budget.

The ITGuys support company has been around since 2009.  We help many businesses around Colorado from the large Fortune 500 companies to small individually home-based businesses.  And, we understand the intricate IT needs that most businesses face while keeping cost in mind.

Call the ITGuys today at 303-578-6256 to discuss how we can help support your business and make your business technology work for you.

For the best computer advice, we always recommend an on-site IT assessment.  We will look at your entire IT infrastructure and give recommendations based on what best for you. We focus on technology so that you don’t have to.  You can focus on what you do best, business.

There are four main aspects of business technology to consider they range from hardware to software to Internet to specialized technology. When these four pillars of an IT infrastructure work together, they can help your company run at peak efficiency. In


The challenge of hardware is ironically the myriad of options available.  Some are better than others, some require more maintenance, and some are just terrible. As IT support specialists, we determine which hardware is right for you.  From desktop computers to laptops and monitors. There’s also cell phones, printers, projectors and servers to consider right down to keyboards and mice. We partner with many popular manufacturers to find the best solution for our customers. From consumer hardware to enterprise hardware, we find the product that is best for your small business users.


Software covers all aspects of day-to-day operations. From customer management systems to help manage customers to the accounting software that you use to keep track of your profits.  Knowing which software to use is everything. Most companies today run either on Windows or on Apple platforms. Both have good and bad aspects depending on the needs of your business. Apple computers are popular with designer creative aspirations.

For example, video editing and other entrepreneurs that are focused on some type of multimedia creation. Windows machines are more for all other types of businesses that used specialized software to work with their company. Common productivity software for windows is common such as Microsoft office that can help with the wide wide array of business processing presentations and database platforms. There are also more specialized software available to fit your business. The ITGuys are available to perform an on-site assessment to see how we can help you. Call toady 303.578.6256.


Internet is another very important aspect of business technology in the digital age. Internet-based companies provide a wide range of customers available to you and can result in passive income when setup properly. The growth of the Internet has marked an evolutionary change in small business. Your website presence is the key to new business and is essentially an online brochure for new prospective customers. When using software as a service the internet opens up a wide range of options available for companies today.

Your Internet service provider is a vitally important part of a well-run business with technology. Internet is usually a monthly service but depending on which services are available in your area there may be a few options available in Colorado. Also having a backup Internet service in case your primary Internet is down is important for companies that rely on Internet to do business.

Specialized technology

The ITGuys  in addition to being an IT Support firm can also create technology solutions for your business. From website solutions to hardware solutions. iPhone apps and everything in between, the ITGuys is a one-stop shop for many specialized business technologies that you may need. We can repair everything from laptop computers to high-tech telescopes and microscopes. Whether its printer problems or  wireless devices issues, from projectors to imaging devices, there’s no  challenge too big for the ITGuys. We specialize in support for everything with an “on” button from large-format printers to touchscreen wall computers. The ITGuys are on the cutting edge of technology support.

The smart use of technology for business can help your company stay ahead of the competition.  Take control by making employees more efficient improving communication and utilizing marketing techniques that aren’t available to larger businesses.

The world is full of technology but the ITGuys is here to help find the right solution for your business. Give us a call at 303-578-6256.