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“I’m Max. A designer, developer, and part of the WebDev team at ITGuys. We build beautiful website solutions to help convey your message and brand your brilliance. We produce world class web design that are both responsive and engaging. Check out our portfolio to see more.”

What does it take to make a good website great?

Start With a Splash of Color

Check out some of the color pallete examples  for some ideas of where to get started.

Or if you have a certain look you’re going for, try one of the recommended tools below.





Add a Dash of Dev & Design

The Yin & Yang of Websites

Website Design

The design of your site is what speaks to your audience, gets their attention and keeps them engaged with easy navigation, and a spectrum of color that not only differentiates your brand from everyone else, it puts you ahead.

Website Design

Whether you use WordPress, Joomla, or HTML5, your want to have someone with an eye for design in your corner. 

Branding & Logo

Get a fresh look at your company. Does your branding and logo speak to your audience? Chat with an ITGuys Guide to see some of our past work. 

Content Strategy

Your SEO is how people find you, but content is what keeps your visitors on your sites. Engaging calls to actions are how to make the most of your page. Don’t beleive me? Cick the link below to prove my point. 

Web Development

Making websites work well is just as important as what’s on them. With clean code, responsive themes,  and optimized images to help pages load quickly, the backend of website development makes the web work.

Built From Scratch

Your site should be as different as you are. You don’t need a cookie cutter theme from another bakery driven page. Get a customized look that speaks to your audience. 

Responsive Design

Most of the web is searched on mobile devices, if your page isn’t mobile friendly, people won’t stay for long. Make the most of your site by having a website that is desgined around the way people use it. 

Maintenance & Updates

Every wesbite needs updates, whether it’s from external threats, regular maintenance, or an updated look to keep with the times. Check out our portfolio for some examples of well maintained websites. 

Stand Out With SEO

Websites designed with “Find” in mind.

Grab the free SEO report for your website.




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Our Process


We want to hear all of your ideas about what your dream site looks like. Whether you have an idea in your head or examples of sites you’re attracted to, defining the scope will help make the project go smoothly.


It’s our job to make your vision real. We take all of your thoughts and ideas, then combine them into a well-designed architecture to showcase your best attributes.


Even the best pages have room for improvement. We want your input on the design process. Once a test page is built, we’ll ask for your thoughts and notes. 


Once you’re happy with the build, it’s launched for the world to see. We can also provide local SEO support to get your page to the top of results. You found us didn’t you? 

Website Redesign

A Refreshing Look

If you want to update the look of your site, ITGuys is your best bet to make the most of your existing content. We’ll help show off your best attributes with easy to use pages and stunning design.

Website Development

Expect More From Your Page

Your website isn’t just a tool for displaying information; it’s often your customers’ first impression of your brand. Make it a good one by ensuring your websites look great on all of their devices.

Website Design

Clean Themes

We give your site a clear voice to your customers by ensuring that every page is important and speaks to your audience in the ways that hold attention and keep them coming back. 

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