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Discounts on Services
Standard Antivirus License
Unlimited HIPAA Remote Support
Preventative Computer Maintenance
Smart Monitor Installation
Training Video Library Access
Endpoint Protection
On-Boarding/Off-Boarding Portal
Discounts on Common Software
Equipment Procurement
Active Email Spam Filtering
Firewall Cyber Security Reports
Server Maintenance
Customized Training Videos
Verify Network Availability 24/7
Verify Backup Completions Monthly
Event Log Monitoring 24/7
Dedicated Technicians
Unlimited On-site Support
Advanced Hosted Antivirus from Webroot
DNS Content Filtering
VOIP Support
Data Recovery
Website Hosting
Server Cloud Backup
Weekly Visit Flyby
Asset Management
24 Hour Ticketing Support
Linux Support
Disk Encryption Management
Analyst Review of Performance Reports
Annual Information Security Audit
Unlimited Website Support
Application Endpoint Isolation
Office Advanced Threat Protection
Vulnerability Report
Password Breach Watch
Biannual Full Metal Server Backup
DNS Records Managemnet
Quickbooks Backup System Enforcement
MFA Email Enforcement
Sharepoint Backup
Battery Backup Management
Blacklist Monitoring

Customized For Teams

No two companies are alike, neither are our solutions.

ITGuys Managed Support is designed around the way your team operates best, customized to fit you. Mix support packages across your infrastructure to optimize your IT budget. We’ll guide your team the rest of the way with best practices for security, data encryption, software training , technical support, and so much more! 

Advanced Cyber Threat Protection

Heuristic Based Information Security

SmartMon 2.0

The “Fitbit” of IT Support

See exactly how your company’s productivity and security is doing with monthly reporting from ITGuys Team

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