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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What are the services provided under managed Support?

ITGuys provides support for hardware, software, common programs, internet, virus removals, optimizations, customizations, and network troubleshooting for all of your assets. 

What is the scope of Desktop Service

Helpdesk services consists of the following items:

  • Desktop Maintenance and Optimization
  • File and Folder Permission Problems
  • Password Administration
  • Software Installation and Removal
  • Spyware and Adware Removal
  • Microsoft Critical Patch Updates
  • Client Email Configurations
  • Printer Configurations

In addition, several items are automatically monitored to provide proactive services, as indicated below.


  • Network & CPU & RAM, HDD capacity monitoring
  • Critical and Security patch failures
  • Account lockouts
  • Third party patch failures


Also, we provide support with licensed ITGuysTeam Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) installations which also enable us to provide proactive support with:


  • Malware Detection
  • Zero-Day Attack Detection
  • Automated Unknown File Analysis


Note that 3rd party software support is limited to “best effort” only as there are many softwares

which may or may not be known by our technicians and engineers.

What is in the scope of server support service?

Server support services consist of the following items:

  • Critical and security windows updates
  • Event log monitoring and maintenance
  • Drive space monitoring
  • Online / Offline Status monitoring
  • Network, CPU, RAM monitoring
  • Windows and 3rd party patch monitoring
  • Account lockout monitoring


Also, we provide support with licensed ITGuysTeam Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) installations, which also enable us to provide proactive support with:


  • Malware Detection
  • Zero-Day Attack Detection
  • Automated Unknown File Analysis


What if a problem is outside the scope of service?

If the problem is outside of the scope of our service, it will be escalated back to you, with a full description of the issue and any steps taken to resolve it.

What if a problem cannot be resolved remotely?

If a problem requires on-site support, we’ll send a technician out to perfrom repairs. 

How does the 3rd party software support work?

As there are many vendors and many solutions, it will not always be possible to resolve all problems on such softwares. Our technicians and engineers will help troubleshoot issues with 3rd party software to the best of their knowledge. On average, our technicians will spend around 30 minutes to solve a problem before escalating it back to you. Then, you can determine if you’d like to provide further support.


This also includes 3rd party anti-malware solutions.

What do I need to do get a service started?

Once you sign up, or complete the form on the home page, a ITGuys Team Support representative will reach out to you, to walk through our services and discuss the process.


As a summary, you will be required to:


  • Create an account in ITGuys Team Support Portal, (for free)
  • Share information about the customer you wish to provide a service to
  • Share your company logo and information
  • Share a support email address configuration
  • Learn the escalation process and how to work with ITGuysTeam Service Desk
  • Install the RMM agents to your team’s endpoints And you will be provided with:
  • Training on how to use ITGuysTeam RMM and SD solutions
  • A support phone number that your customers can call
  • A service brochure that you can print out, (with your logo and information on it) to share with the end users of your custo It will indicate how to reach your services and what to expect from it.


Optionally, you can also share your banking information to automate the payment of your bills for ACH payments. (Only in US)


Billing and Pricing

How/When do I pay for the services?

When a service request of yours is approved by ITGuys Team Support Service Managers, you will start receiving emails, including your invoice and online payment link.


ITGuys Team Support services are billed monthly in advance. Which means;


  • When a service is approved, you will receive an invoice for it on the same day for the remaining part of a month (starting from the date you agreed for it)
  • After that, on each 20th of a month, you will receive invoice for the services of the next



ITGuys Team Support partnered with QuickBooks Online (https://www.QuickBooksOnline.com) for online payment operations. If you choose to use online payment options, note that none of your banking information is collected or stored in any ITGuys Team Support system at any point.


What is the Change / Cancellation Policy

You can cancel a service for free before it is started. Also, you can stop an active service within a 30- day notice period.

You can also make changes on a service. For instance, if you wish to increase the number of endpoints for a service of a customer, you are free to do so. But, your changes will take effect on the next month, and you will only be billed on the 20th of a month before that. This way, we ensure that you do not face any unintended costs at any time

Is there any trial period?

Once you sign up, or fill out the form on the home page, a ITGuys Team Support representative will reach out to you to discuss how to proceed. ITGuys Team Support offers a 15-day free trial to selected partners. However, trial services might be limited to 9×5 (MST) on some regions instead of 24/7. Please consult with your service manager to learn more.

How secure is my data with you?

ITGuys Team Support uses several defense mechanisms to protect your data and also ensures that the outside solutions used are also in line with such security policies. As you might guess, we cannot share all the details of such mechanisms to maximize their effectiveness. Thus, the information presented here will not jeopardize the system security but will also provide you with a hint of the security policies and technologies in use.


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