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Twice the Speed, Guaranteed

Every computer we repair is one less machine that ends up in landfill and helps reduce eWaste every year. Keeping technology working like new,  it’s what we do.  

Custom Upgrades for your Custom Machine

From mechanical to solid

Replacing aging parts with new ones on average doubles the speed and life of your computer. Save up and get something you really want. Staggering improvements ahead.


Cleaning up garbage code

Tune up your computer with repairs uniquely designed to tweak your machines performance. It’s surprising how fast machines move when junk is removed!

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…And learn how to fix your own machines

What we do isn’t magic, it’s… well, it’s computer science, but we regularly post easy tips and tricks on how to fix and maintain your own machines. More people fixing things means the longer our devices stay working.

Support for Mobile

Mobile devices need love too and mainenance like any electronics. Over time parts degrade when not maintained and can significantly affect your phones performance. 

Our Team

Helpful technicians are standing by to assist

Call or email today to get in touch with an ITGuys Guide. We’re here to provide the shortcuts to keeping your computer running like new.

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