Cloud Virtualization

Take your company to the next level with Cloud Virtualizaiton

ITGuys has been helping business in the Colorado area for almost a decade. We’ve watched our clients grow over the years and as they grow, their needs change over time. That’s why we now provide Cloud Virtualization Services. What better way to streamline your business, reduce downtime, increase efficiency and all with cost effectiveness in mind than to move your business to the cloud.

What is cloud Virtualization? cloud-computing-page-image1

You may have heard words like cloud virtualization or cloud computing being tossed around. Don’t too caught up in the lingo, it’s still a fairly new idea, and most IT folks don’t really know the difference either. Lucky for your we’re not most IT Folks!

Cloud Virtualization in a nutshell basically gives you, your business, and your employees the ability to work from anywhere. It’s a shared computer resource, shared software, or shared data that can be accessed from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

There are some services that provide a public cloud, this option saves money in the short term when testing out a new solution. But can become a concern when security is involved.

There are also private clouds, these are typically systems that are hosted onsite, and they are the best option to keep long term costs low. As always, we recommend a cloud backup for any cloud environment in any event.

And, some companies like to use a hybrid of the two, depending on the needs of the company. It’s all very subjective, and exact why we at ITGuys provide a free assessment of your business to determine the solution that’s right for you.

How does cloud virtualization save you money?

Cloud virtualization isn’t for everyone. ITGuys as a service provides an analysis of your IT infrastructure for FREE, to determine if a cloud setup is right for you. But for example, if you have a dozen employee, and need to buy Microsoft Office for each one, the cost can range from $149 to $399 depending on the license needed for each install. With cloud virtualization, 1 license and you just saved a ton on software alone.

Another potential benefit, if you live in an area with an unpredictable climate, like most places in Colorado, a virtualized server environment lets your employees work from the comfort of their own home. Less downtime, more productivity, everyone is happy.

The benefits go on and on

There are so many great reasons to switch your business to a cloud environment. However it’s not always suitable for everyone. Give us a call today to schedule a free on-site assessment to determine if a server cloud system is right for you!

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