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Smaller, smarter, even more secure.

World, this is SmartMon 2.0

And it’s only available at ITGuys.


Over the last decade, we noticed a sizable spike in the amount of latent personal information being uploaded from our client’s devices unknowingly. That’s why NetSec in concert with the VRED (vulnerability research exploit development) team has developed the SmartMonitor. A simple to use linux based system that plugs into your network and builds a personal privacy shield.  SmartMonitors are small network devices designed to block harmful data from getting in, and your most personal data from getting out.

Smart, On Your Terms

Whether you like it or not, your smart enabled devices  (Google home, Amazon Echo, Roku, Cortana, Siri, etc.) are listening in on you all of the time and sending that data back to the cloud. Everything, and they’re not going to stop any time soon (it’s part of their terms of service).  Now it doesn’t have to be that way. Smaller than a shoebox, the SmartMon 2.0 is your best defense against external threats to your most sensitive data.

The Security You’ve Been Waiting For

The protection you deserve. 


SmartMon 2.0 has been redesigned to perform more security tasks than ever before. 

✓  Intrusion Detection

✓  Email Spoofing Service

✓  Active Outward Packet Protection

✓  Ad Blocking

✓  Secure Socket Layer

Firewall, meet reinforcements.

Everyday we see new and different ways that hackers and bots mean to trick you, steal data, and access your most private information. Internet cookies spy on your every internet move to target marketing around your activity for profit.

Enough is enough.   

SmartMon 2.0, the next generation of information privacy and personal cyber security.

Block advertisers, hackers, bots, spoofing attempts and especially home devices that can listen in on us.

Looking at you Amazon & FaceBook!

Surf With Confidence


We’re passionate about security.

The network security team at ITGuys is dedicated to preventing hackers from accessing your information and keeping your identity safe.

We specialize in SSL-VPN solutions for your network both for protection and secure remote access.



The vulnerability research and exploit development (VRED) group are experts at finding the security holes in your network and patching them.

It’s their job to stay up to date on the latest security threats and protect your information. Their knowledge and proprietary penetration testing tools make them the experts you want on your team. 

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