Why Does Windows 8 Suck So Bad? An Unbiased In-Depth Review


I just had to get that out. Alright, I feel better now.

We’re not your average computer users here. We work on all types of computers from Mac to PC, all types of platforms and all sorts of software when doing boulder computer repair.

Whenever a new operating system comes out people (myself included) love to complain about it. Reviews are fun to write and fun to read, but this time I reserved judgement for a full year before putting in my $ 0.02. The result?

windows 8 sucks When Windows 8 first came out, I liked it. It was different, it had cool features, the little tiles were adjustable and made for a cool looking system. I get what they were trying to do. Build a singular OS for tablets, laptops, and desktops. No easy task by any stretch and I’m sure it took a crazy amount of engineering to get it to where it is. On a tablet it works pretty okay.

Then I started using it on a desktop and almost burned my computer in frustration. Just the bugs in windows 8 alone was enough for me to cross this one off the list of usable operating systems. The familiar sound of a plane engine going down start resounding in my mind, the same as windows Vista and windows ME (does anybody remember that one?).

What do I mean by bugs? Certain programs would work one day, and then inexplicable just not work the next. Try to get to windows update? Good luck! Disk cleanup, HA. Let me take your through 4 or 5 screens to get there first. It was failing constantly.

Still I gave microsoft a chance

I wanted them to update the OS and fix the issues that may have been looked over when it first came out. I installed it on touch screen wall computer system for my home hoping that may the touch version (what it was design for) would be better. IT WAS WORSE!

Talk about not being able to get to anything. People complain about the start button, and there’s programs for that, but I just wanted to pull up a youtube video and was flabbergasted at how unbelievably complicated they made it.

Here’s a thought microsoft. If something is a touch screen operating system, maybe space the minimize, maximize and close window buttons a little further apart. Or if a person is using anything with a text field, pop up the keyboard. Tying to get to it on a touch screen with a task bar that automagically hides (by default no less) is close to impossible. What were you guys thinking?

Dumb things like that which should be no brainers for people that have been developing operating systems for oh, I don’t know 30 years. The coolest parts of Microsoft were things they literally ripped off of Apple. Get your own ideas guys. I just couldn’t believe a company this big with this much money behind it could screw up that badly.

Some features are cool, but they’re very overshadowed by the many, many screw ups this time around.

Here’s hoping for something better in Windows 9.

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