Computer Maintenance

Maintenance Program

You’ve got other things to worry about.  Your computer shouldn’t be one of them. Let the professionals take care of your computer. That’s what ITGuys is here for. Maintenance is recommended on all computers at least once a year. But maintaining a computer once every 6 months is ideal. We systematically clean up your computer with the latest security patches and updates to ensure there’s no surprise down time with your computer.  And if there is a problem, we’ll let you know well in advance to help you steer clear of any issues.

All computers break, it’s a fact

Eventually at some point machines break down if they’re not maintained. That’s what our support plan is here for. ITGuys computer maintenance keeps your computer running strong, and lets you know way in advance if there’s any trouble coming up, or things to look out for.big_thumb_1dee4df1af48f1fa9e6bd50618b4fbc9

  • Is your data secure?
  • Are your files safe from viruses?
  • Do you need to update your hardware?

For personal computers it’s a great idea! For business computers it’s a must!

You can certainly manage your computer maintenance yourself. Our blog is dedicated to the tips and tricks to keep your computer healthy and happy. But who has the time or can remember to run scheduled maintenance? Leave it to professionals to take care of the tough computer jobs for you.  We make sure your hardware is stable, your operating system is secure, and computer is up to date. Whether you run a Apple or PC computer, don’t get caught wishing you had known about an issue before it became a problem. When access to your computer means a lot, keep it maintained! We’re available 24 hours a day to tackle issues remotely, or 7 days a week for onsite support.

Computer maintenance is included in our Discount Support Plan for $19/month.

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