What to do When Your iMac Internet Speed is Slow

It happens. Your super sweet mac computer all of a sudden begins to run slower and slower for the internet. Whether its a mac book, a mac book pro, or an iMac, it’s a fact of life that problems can and will occur over time. Even if your other programs like office 2011 or games...
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Windows XP Died, Is It Time For a New Computer?

It depends on if you want to upgrade your old machine or buy a new one. Obviously upgrading is more cost effective than buying a new one and it’s going to be kind of a bear without the proper equipment, but there’s a few ways to do it that aren’t so bad.  We always encourage...
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CapturePerfect Alternative for Canon Scanner

Do You Need CapturePerfect for a Canon Scanner? TOO BAD! After days worth of searching, (and I don’t mean casually looking over the course of a couple days, I’m talking hours of searching that equate to days of time) CapturePerfect is not available anywhere online. Nor is its cousins cappe3.exe cappe31.exe or any of the...
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It’s Official, Windows XP Support Ends

Many People are asking themselves, Why Am I Getting an Error Message Saying Windows XP Support Ends? That’s because windows XP support ends. Its is now more than 10 years old and Microsoft hasn’t made any money from that OS in at least 5 years. So they decided to stop beating the dead horse and...
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How To Configure Windows 8 and 8.1 For Touchscreen Computer Screens

Making Windows 8 More User Friendly For Touchscreens Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is designed for touchscreen computers, but Microsoft didn’t take into account the size of peoples fingers so it can be difficult to use. For example, closing or minimizing windows is difficult when the titlebar is a millimeter thick. The scrollbars have the...
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HP Printer Printing Very Slow Adobe PDFs SOLUTION

Are Your Print Jobs From Your HP Printer Incredibly Slow? Everything else prints fine and fast, but whenever you try to print a PDF or a scanned document, it takes forever right? The most common attempts at a solution to HP printer slowness are: Lowering the resolution Lowering the print quality Printing in Black and...
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How To Fix Your Computer When Stuck In A Boot Loop

It’s easy to get stuck on a boot loop With the many types of Computers both Apple and PC running Windows, chances are higher than ever that one little update or bump of the computer can lead to a boot loop. But there’s good news, follow these simple steps to fix the boot loop yourself....
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Top 3 Reasons Computer Is Stuck In A Boot Loop

Computer Stuck in A Boot Loop? Don’t let it ruin your afternoon. Follow these steps to fix your boot loop issue.  There’s 3 possible causes and 3 potential solutions to fixing your computer if it falls into a boot loop. Top 3 Causes for a boot loop 1) Windows Updates Gone Wrong Sometimes Microsoft doesn’t...
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Why Does Windows 8 Suck So Bad? An Unbiased In-Depth Review

WINDOWS 8 SUCKS I just had to get that out. Alright, I feel better now. We’re not your average computer users here. We work on all types of computers from Mac to PC, all types of platforms and all sorts of software when doing boulder computer repair. Whenever a new operating system comes out people...
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