How to make your 5 old mac book pro run like new!

upgrade macbook

All computers slow down over time.

Its a fact of life

But there are a few cheap and easy ways to speed up your MacBook like new or better than new! Check out the tips below to enhance the performance of your MacBook. With a little knowledge and skill, you’ll be surprised how much performance you can squeeze out of your old MacBook.

Why do MacBooks slow down?

MacBooks are extremely well-built machines, but they can slow down for a variety of reasons. Here are the top reasons for Apple’s computer slowness.

  1. Garbage. Over time the OS X operating system can accumulate a ton of unnecessary files. From temporary downloads to old programs that aren’t being used anymore. Files can accumulate over time, and when they do, your computer will have a hard time getting through all of the nonsense.

    How to fix it?

    The good news is there are free programs that can clean your mac back to brand new. Our favorite is ONYX. But be careful with the version you choose, they’re operating system version-specific. For the best results, back up all of your important programs and data off of your hard drive with an external drive, and reformat your hard drive with the latest version of OS X your MacBook can handle.

  2. Login Items. MacBooks can accumulate old program login items over time. It happens sometimes when downloading a media player, or installing the latest version of flash.

    How to fix it?

    Go to your Apple menu, system preferences, navigate to the “Users & Groups” menu, unlock the windows with your password, and find the option for login items. In the Login Items window, you should see all of the programs that boot up with your machine, necessary or otherwise. It’s a good idea to uncheck all of the items you don’t absolutely need to boot up with you computer.

  3. Dust. We care about our computers. After all, they’re our window to the world sometimes, a source of entertainment, information, our guides when embarking on a new project or adventure, the tools we need to do our jobs, and in some cases our main source for communication. But we don’t always take the best care of our computers. When you can hear the fan on your computer running at full blast constantly, it’s a sure-fire sign that your MacBook insides are covered with dust.

    How to fix it?

    A can of compressed air sprayed into the exhaust port is usually enough to clean it out. But if you have the time or the means, it’s best to take the bottom cover off your machine and really get in there to clean out all of the dust.

  4. Hardware Issues. By far the most common problem with aging MacBooks and MacBook pros is a hardware failure. Hard drives are only supposed to last about 5 years. After that, it’s time to replace and upgrade if you can. Every MacBook Pro 2012 or old comes with a standard SATA drive. The spinning type drive operates at a much slower rate than the newer flash storage type drive.

    How to fix it?

    It’s easy to upgrade your storage to an SSD type drive with a few simple tools. All you need is a couple small screw drivers (Phillips and Torx), an SSD drive, and an installation USB drive of the latest operating system for Apple. First thing is first. Before upgrading your computer, make sure there is nothing wrong with the hardware of the computer by shutting down your computer completely. Then holding down the “D” key and booting up your computer. The MacBook will automatically enter diagnostic mode. Let it run through the diagnostics to make sure there’s nothing wrong. It wouldn’t make sense to replace the hard drive on a computer that isn’t working properly.Before doing anything, be sure to back up your important data by dragging your entire home folder to an external drive.

    You can also use a time machine backup, but it doesn’t work as well for a lot of reasons.

    Next take your computer apart by removing the screws on the bottom of the computer, gently pulling the whole plate off.

    The hard drive should be easily accessible and comes out by removing a couple of screws. Detach the ribbon cable or slide the dive our of its housing and unscrew the mounting bolts with a Torx screwdriver. To install the new hard drive, reverse the steps above.

    Plugin your bootable Apple OSX USB drive and turn on your MacBook Pro holding down the option key. Select the USB drive to boot off of. Then go into disk utility and format your new SSD drive, and continue with the installation of the operating system.

    Once the installation is complete, your MacBook will be running like new.

  5. RAM. Older machines usually use less RAM. As operating systems add features and become more complex, more RAM is required to run the system efficiently. In fact some versions of the apple OS won’t install at all if your computer doesn’t meet the minimum RAM requirements.

    How to fix it?

    IT would be a good idea to upgrade your ram to the most it can take. Check out with your model number to find out how much and what kind of ram your computer can take. Then install it by removing the bottom cover of your machine. Unplugging your battery, then discharging your body’s electric charge by touching something metal (A doorknob would do). The pop out the RAM using the release tabs on the side of each stick and pop in the new RAM. Make sure your RAM is secure. Then reconnect the battery, and replace the bottom cover.

If you have any questions about the services above, give ITGuys a call to discuss scheduling a $49 diagnostic to help you make a better decision about how to upgrade your MacBook.


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