HP Computer Repair

We are your local HP computer repair service technicians.

HP computer with their sleek designs fast processors and powerful machines have become a powerhouse for amazing computer systems. From laptops to desktops to tablets and printers there are many benefits to owning HP products. However when your HP device breaks there are not many service technicians in the Colorado area suited to service your machine for HP Computer repair.

Luckily you’ve found the ITGuys

The IT guys are local IT support company that serviced the Denver Metro in Boulder area across the front Range to fix all manner of HP issues. From laptops to desktops to printers and tablets there is no HP device that we can’t fix.

Not in Denver? No problem! take advantage of our remote support option for a $49 diagnostic and save on your repair!

When your HP device testing on the fritz call the ITGuys for fast and friendly support. We’ll have your HP computer working again in no time. Usually within 24 hours.

Common issues with HP

Printers problems that can arise range from paper jams, lines on prints, distorted colors and other various issues. One quick call to the ITGuys and your HP printer will be fully operational with in 24 hours.

For HP desktops and laptops, there are wide range of issues that can occur depending on the age of your hardware. Windows 10 upgrades have sometimes created challenges within the HP computer environment. Microsoft was reported to be entertaining lawsuits from of all the damage windows 10 upgrades caused.  hp computer repair

Other problems range from dead batteries to slowness in the machine failing hard drives, lose DC jacks, cracked screens, broken keyboards, missing keys, and otherwise just overall does not performing the way that you want your computer to. To restore the HP quality to your computer call the ITGuys for fasting from a service.

Our phone support and on-site diagnostics are just $49. Call today to see if we can help you make your HP that much better. Update your HP computer to run like new.


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