The Black Screen of Death After Windows 8.1 Update

The black screen of death after 8.1 update | Symptoms , Causes, and Solutions


I’ve seen the blue screen of death. But this was my first black screen. You know the saying once you go black you never go back, they’re right. If you’re unfamiliar with the black screen of death, it pretty much looks like this: After an update, your computer has a black screen with a white cursor, and nothing else. If you’re clever you can run SFC /Scannow which will fix the system for a few minutes, or you can try replacing the missing dll files that are causing the issues. But for me, after several days of attempting to repair a business computer in Boulder, CO, with the black screen of death, I had to call it and reformat the system. Here’s what I learned:


Why does this happen?

When working on a computer repair for business in Boulder, CO, sometimes the machines are set to automatically update. That means those windows updates for 8.1 are downloaded without your knowledge and without your permission, but will gladly go in an install screwing up your whole machine, usually on a Monday.

The symptoms

Usually the black screen of death happens when you need your computer the most, and at the worst possible time. If this happens to you when attempting to repair computers in boulder, co


  • Turn off your computer immediately
  • Don’t attempt to fix it yourself
  • Call the IT guys for same day onsite computer repair in Boulder, CO or Denver, CO

The solution in some cases is to replace the dll file that’s causing the issue.  You can also try accessing the system restore by hitting control+alt+delete, then run new task from the task manager, and type rstrui.exe to bring up the system restore. But in most cases, it’s going to be a full reformat and reinstallation of your operating system. It pretty painless when the IT guys reinstall an operating system for windows 8.1 if you live in Denver Colorado or Boulder Colorado.


With the IT Guys of Colorado, the whole process takes about 2 hours and you’re back in business.

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