Apple iPhone or MBP Dropping Wireless Constantly [SOLVED]

Has your Apple iPhone, iPad, MBP, or other apple wireless devices suddenly lost the ability to hold a wifi connection? You’re not alone.

Let me preface this by saying that we’re all big fans of Apple computers. Ironically because if everyone had an apple computer, we’d all be out of a job. HOWEVER, this constant issue with wireless dropping randomly and constantly for apple powered products is absolutely beyond acceptable.

There’s many theories as to why it’s happening to so many affected  users. There’s been a wide range reports of it being an issue about the way you hold your phone, signal problems from the router, or a wireless registry issue. With possible solutions ranging even more widely from reseting wireless networks on the device, to purchasing a different type of router, getting a case, or replacing your device altogether due to a hardware problem.

Unfortunately, none of the above are correct.

After scouring the internets for solutions, talking with the geniuses (neither sincerity nor sarcasm, that’s just what they call them) from the apple store, and experimenting with the system on my own. I’ve found the only solution short of replacing your device completely form the apple store.

The only way I’ve found to get the wireless back up and running on a device is to change the SSID name of your network slightly.

That’s it.

Simply log into your router, add a number to the SSID broadcast name of your network and apply the changes. Unfortunately this change will also affect every wireless device in your house. From printers to IP cameras. But your apple powered device won’t have a problem for a while.

Why does this happen?

Near as I can figure, there’s a built in lease time into the security of the Apple device or the router that as of the date of this blog, Apple or router manufacturers still have yet to figure out the cause of or solution to. There’s been reports of people replacing their iPhone to repair the constantly dropping wireless issue, but essentially it’s the same affect. Once a network is change the lease time for that network is reset. Conversely, if the phone is replaced, the lease time is also reset, because there is no network to have been leased in the first place.

Oddly enough, this doesn’t happen for everyone. And not on all networks. So its tough to say. From apple’s perspective they can’t duplicate the issue. From the router’s perspective, all of my Windows powered machines have never once had a problem in this area. That’s a first over apple. So I’m guessing apple needs to look a little harder into the cause and find a solution to it for our sometimes overpriced devices.

If you need help with your Apple Computers Or iPhones, please call the IT Guys at 303.578.6256 today.

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