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ITGuys Support is all about you, but this page is all about us

For years…

Their identity has remained a secret, known only to those who knows someone who knows them. When it comes to Computer Repair, they’re the best in their field. Their extraordinary power and skills in preventing e-waste and recycling are unmatched. For making life easier by defending against internet threats, there’s no one better .

But who is this team of dashing IT professionals that walk amongst us? None other than…

ITGuys Team

This team of IT consultants that offer same-day on-site computer repair and support for Boulder and the surrounding areas of Longmont, Louisville, Broomfield, and Denver have spent years quietly supporting private businesses, students, seniors, and nonprofits all the while being closely kept out of the public eye.

Now they’re out to help you with your Mac or PC issues! No computer repair challenge is too big or too small for ITGuys.

When compared to other Boulder Computer Repair Services, it’s clear which IT Professionals sets a shining example for all others. They serve as a beacon of hope in an otherwise dreary computer world.

It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s… IT support?

From broken laptops to troublesome desktops, powerless PC’s and aging Apple machines are no challenge for ITGuys. Our team of technicians has years of experience in helping homes and businesses run smoothly. With our same-day service, we’ll swoop in to solve your computer challenges without breaking a sweat, while our competitive prices won’t break the bank.

So What’s New About IT? Try Everything.

We believe that computers can be designed and set up so that they don’t break, at least not easily. That’s why we offer the strongest guarantee in the business of computer repair. We believe in what we do.

Never worry about your computer again. We work diligently to show you how to make the most of your computer experience with minimal grief and install specially designed software to make using your computer a joy again.

ITGuys Equals Freedom. Not simply from tech support reliance, but from technology dependence on any specific computer. We show you how to secure your information so you can sleep easy with the knowledge your data is safe.

Don’t Have a Computer? No Problem.

At ITGuys, we regularly give away refurbished computers to members of our community in need in conjunction with Computer-Planet. Check out our blog to see the latest recipients of recycled computers.

How it works. Our re Start program is 100% powered by recycled computer donations from the community and driven by the efforts of local volunteers. We refurbish systems specifically for the individual as well as provide any training or software needed with the over-arching goal being to help as much as possible.

Environmentally Focused

Leaders in the fight against e-waste. To date, we’ve been able to prevent more than 100 tons of e-waste ending up in a landfill with our pick-up recycling program. We work daily to prevent e-waste like it’s our job, because it is, all of ours. Do your part and recycle your old computer system. Click here to schedule a pick-up today.

We go above and beyond our environmental goals, with all of our servers and websites hosted powered with 130% wind, computers with almost 100% solar, and all vehicle emissions offset with carbon credits from TerraPass.

On-site service, not just a great idea. It’s our policy to service computers on-site at your office or in-home as a convenience to our clients and also to ensure all vehicle emissions are offset with carbon credits. The real carbon-neutral IT solution.

 How do they do it? There’s only one way to find out. Call ITGuys Today

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