3 Simple Steps to Downgrade From Windows 8 to Windows 7

The concept of windows 8 was neat. The problem is that it was released a couple of years too early.

Making an operating system that works for tablets as well as for Desktop and Laptop Computers in no easy task. Unfortunately the idea fell well short of the expected outcome and you have a highbred operating system that ends up working well for neither. Designers maintain that it’s more stable, cleaner operating system, with a lot of cool new features to help microsoft make more money with Apps like “Store” and “Xbox Live Game Center”. Consumers respond back with statements like “We just want a start button and solitaire”. After a year of deplorable sales, Microsoft kowtowed to the masses and released the 8.1 update. Windows 8.1 changed a few things around and allowed a start button.

Now all new computers come shipped with windows 8.1

While it seems like there’s more adware that operating system, 8.1 still runs a bit slow and lags on new systems. With the recent discontinuation of windows xp, windows 7 is the only remaining option to downgrade your system back to a windows that was designed with the consumer in mind. But the installation can be tricky on newer systems depending on the hardware in them, and some won’t allow you to install the OS at all.

The following are three simple steps to downgrade your operating system from windows 8 to windows 7

(NOTE: If you’re not comfortable doing the downgrade please hire a professional)


1. Get a copy of windows 7. Some newer computers don’t have hard drives, so you’ll need to install it with a USB key from an ISO file. If your computer has a DVD drive then you should be fine to install. Move on to step 2.

2. Boot from Disc or image (NOTE: Installing the OS will most likely erase everything on the computer) Be sure to backup your information. Booting from a disc or image can be tricky on new machines. Normally a computer should have the cd/DVD drive as the primary boot device. Sometime it has to be specially selected for. If you’re having trouble try tapping the F8 F1 F12, Esc, or Enter key on boot to get into a boot menu. If all else fails try starting the install from within windows.

Once you get to the installation screen, chose  Custom Installation, delete all existing partitions and then click next to begin the installation process and let it run until completion.

3. Drivers are the next big hurtle. When the Windows installation is finished, you’ll need to check the device manager by going to computer (right click), select manage, and check the device manager under computer manager to see if the devices installed correctly. If they haven’t there will be a little yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside next to each device that didn’t install correctly. Your best bet would be to connect to windows update, and select a custom installation to find drivers for all of the devices that didn’t install automagically.

If they still don’t install, check out the next blog to find windows 7 drivers for those hard to find or incompatible devices

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