What Can IT Businesses Learn From Instant Coffee?

There’s lessons to be learned everywhere, you just have to know where to look. I’m normally a tea drinker myself, but every now an again a good cup of instant coffee really hits the spot. “Wait did he just say good instant coffee?” Oxymorons aside, there are good ones out there. Oddly enough IT business and Instant coffee share a lot of commonalties. As I’m sure any business knows, good IT companies can be hard to find too. Here’s a couple tips for anyone looking to get into the world of IT.

A New Product Or Service Doesn’t Necessarily Replace The Old One

When instant coffee came out, regular coffee didn’t stop selling. Movies didn’t replace radio, just as TV didn’t replace movies. And during the 12 year lifespan of Google thus far, magazine sales have increased by 11 percent. Just because a new IT company has a great product or service it doesn’t result in success unless they have the right strategies in place, including but not limited to web design, seo, and marketing campaigns.

Established IT Businesses Can Continue To Flourish

Macchiatos and Lattes existed long before Starbucks was around. As long as a product or service continues to provide a unique or pleasurable experience, companies that have been around won’t simply go away because there is something new out there. Which brings me to my next point

New Isn’t Always Better

When instant coffee first came out it was dreadful, and decades later it’s still kinda eh’. But people aren’t giving up swimming just because they also enjoy surfing. It took years to get the recipe palatable and even then it took years more for people to trust it again. Start-up’s that don’t have the right recipe for success with their SEO, Customer Service, Product, and Website psychology down pat are going to take a long time to get off the ground if at all.

Keep It Simple

The public easily rejects products and websites that are too complicated to use unless there’s some sort of social capital that goes along with it. If your IT company is changing something that already exists, it better be miles easier to use than what people already have.

Instant Gratification

Instant results are the best kind of results. 24/7 support is key, same day service is also significant. But the most important goal is not to waste time when it can be avoided. Customers shouldn’t have to suffer because an IT company doesn’t have their act together.

Impossible To Break

It’s virtually impossible to screw up instant coffee. You can’t burn it, can’t grind it to fine, can’t get little bits of coffee at the bottom of your mug (don’t you just hate that). If an IT company is creating a solution for someone, it better be a solution that has little chance for error or as few steps as possible. Because the more hands that are in the pot, the greater the chance is for messing something up.


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