Top 3 Reasons Computer Is Stuck In A Boot Loop

Computer Stuck in A Boot Loop?

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There’s 3 possible causes and 3 potential solutions to fixing your computer if it falls into a boot loop.

Top 3 Causes for a boot loop

1) Windows Updates Gone Wrong

Sometimes Microsoft doesn’t test all of their updates thoroughly enough with the many thousands of types of PCs and Mac computers running windows. When that happens, you’re the test subject, and whether or not updates work correctly can be a crap shoot. Most of the time they’re fine, but every now and again your computer can fall into a boot loop.

2) Failing Hard Drive

When a hard drive fails, the important system files that your computer needs to run can become corrupted or simply missing altogether. The early warning signs are computers that aren’t working properly, unusually slow, acting strangely, or boot loop. The most common indicator of a boot loop is a clicking noise in your hard drive, or a spinning up noise (like a fan) then stopping suddenly, and spinning up again.

3) Driver Conflict

Did you recently install something? A new camera, a printer, scanner, new video card, etc.? Chances are if you installed something new, restarted your computer and you’re stuck in a boot loop, the new piece of hardware is the cause. Of course if you’re using a laptop this would be the least likely of causes. The most common with laptops is a RAM issue.

How to fix when your computer is stuck in a boot loop?

4 Responses
  1. Yh

    … Boot loop means that the pc doest start at all, it turns on with a black screen and imidietelly turns off a second later, how the hell a driver or windows update can prevent the pc from displaying bios…

    1. bamf

      Hey Yh,

      A bios that can’t be displayed is a far different issue. That comes from a faulty or failed firmware update . The only recourse is to replace the bios chip on your motherboard to repair the issue. The bios chips for most computers at about $30. I hope this helps.

  2. FZ

    My pc stuck into boot loop…

    I use windows 10 enterprise
    With crack mode…
    So i didn’t fine any problems.

    Then i install windows 10 education original version.

    Again i didn’t find any problems. ..

    The problem is
    I update windows 10 fall creators virsion…
    Then i used my pc smoothly..

    After a week i found the problem….”boot loop”

    Its disgusting. ..
    After a day its boot regularly smooth….
    Then copule of days gone again my pc stuck in boot loop.
    I boot windows 10 in usb…

    Please help me…
    Wt will i do…

    Please consider this problem…

    Intel core i5
    2nd gen…
    2400 3.1mhz
    8gb ram ddr3
    (4gb, 2gb, 1gb 1gb)
    Hp compaq 6200 pro mt pc

    Please help me from this ridiculous heck…

    1. bamf


      It sounds like the new windows update is creating a driver issue in your computer. If you can get into safe mode, you should be able to look at the event log (computer management> event log> administrative events. Under administrative events, it will tell you which hardware driver is causing the fault and triggering the boot loop. Update that driver and you should be good to go.

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