What to do when water spills on a laptop

What To Do When Liquid Spills on Your Laptop? First off be thankful you have another device to look up this information! Traditionally, everyone knows that liquids and laptops don’t mix. But we all do it. As I’m typing these words on my MacBook Air, I’ve got a cup of tea next to my machine...
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The Black Screen of Death After Windows 8.1 Update

The black screen of death after 8.1 update | Symptoms , Causes, and Solutions   I’ve seen the blue screen of death. But this was my first black screen. You know the saying once you go black you never go back, they’re right. If you’re unfamiliar with the black screen of death, it pretty much...
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3 Simple Steps to Downgrade From Windows 8 to Windows 7

The concept of windows 8 was neat. The problem is that it was released a couple of years too early. Making an operating system that works for tablets as well as for Desktop and Laptop Computers in no easy task. Unfortunately the idea fell well short of the expected outcome and you have a highbred...
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These 3 Avoidable Mistakes Make Computers Die The Most

Computers can stop working for any number of reasons. But these three mistakes are what we here at the IT Guys see more than any other reasons. The number 1 reason computers die is poor ventilation Computers are machines that can heat up very quickly when they’re in an enclosed space or the ventilation system...
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3 Tips To Reset Password for Hotmail Or Microsoft Email

Did you get locked out of your email account? Just one day you tried to open up your email and all of a sudden Microsoft said that your email password was incorrect, and you SWEAR you didn’t reset it? It’s a common problem. Here’s what most likely happened. Someone or something (like a digital robot)...
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Apple iPhone or MBP Dropping Wireless Constantly [SOLVED]

Has your Apple iPhone, iPad, MBP, or other apple wireless devices suddenly lost the ability to hold a wifi connection? You’re not alone. Let me preface this by saying that we’re all big fans of Apple computers. Ironically because if everyone had an apple computer, we’d all be out of a job. HOWEVER, this constant issue...
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Why Magnets And Computers Don’t Mix

It’s normally an unspoken understood that magnets and computers shouldn’t mix. But Why? The other day we came across a computer for service that was absolutely covered in refrigerator magnets. The computer was having trouble booting and without having to diagnose it we could tell pretty quickly what the issue was. Contrary to popular belief,...
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Why My Internet Doesn’t Work [SOLVED]

Before you say it, I’m well aware of the irony of posting an internet blog about webpages not working online. It’s the hope that people have more than one internet capable device and can use this information to resolve internet issues. So you’ve got internet but your webpage isn’t being displayed correctly for whatever reason. In...
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What Does A Bad IP Mean? SOLVED

Are you ready to pull your hair out? If you’re having trouble with your internet and you set aside the time to call your Internet Service Provider or ISP, waited on hold, and got one of your previous bills out so you can talk to the agent to verify your account, so that they can...
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