Laptop Keyboard Replacement

What To Do When Liquid Spills on Your Laptop?laptop liquid damage

First off be thankful you have another computer to look up this information! In all seriousness though you need to make sure you:

  • Shut down your laptop immediately
  • Flip it over open up onto a towel so that the keyboard faces down onto the towel
  • Take the battery out
  • Pray

Drinking liquid next to laptop computers is how bad things happen to good machines. Some newer laptops have spaces built in so that in the event of a laptop spill, the liquid will flow right through. Most laptops however do not. Worse is that the keyboard sits right on top of your laptop’s motherboard and can cause a short if it hits any actual electronics.

The Type of Liquid Matters

If you spilled water, and caught it in time, you’re most likely going to be okay. If you were trying to clean your keyboard, you should probably use denatured alcohol over soap and water. However if it’s anything sticky, soda, beer, etc. Be ready to replace the keyboard, and/or the machine. Liquid damage for laptops is one of the leading causes for laptop replacement if not handled properly.

When sticky stuff gets into a keyboard, its almost impossible to get off. I’ve heard stories of people that successfully cleaned a keyboard by throwing it in the dishwasher with no soap and letting it run for the flu cycle. But I honestly can recommend doing that to any computer.

It’s far easier to call the IT Guys, and have us replace the keyboard for you. With our FREE diagnostic, the IT Guys of Colorado will let you know if the keyboard is worth replacing. In some rare cases, the computer will be toast and we’ll have to perform a data recovery to get your important information back. Most of the time fixing the keyboard on a laptop that liquid has spilled on is a simple fix.

Call the IT Guys next time you spill liquid on your laptop


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