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At ITGuys, we give old computers new life by refurbishing computers, and giving them away to people in Colorado in need. Further, our sister non-profit project, Computer Planet, regularly gives away computers to people in Colorado absolutely free. Computer Recycling BoulderWe feel that times are tough enough as it is in this economy.  And we want to give people in Colorado a helping hand by providing free computers to people that need them. With Computer Recycling Boulder, you can help give someone a helping hand too. Follow us on Facebook or twitter, and check out our weekly videos on youtube. Call today to recycle your old computer 303.578.6256

We Need Your Help for Computer Recycling Boulder

Fast and free Computer Recycling Boulder. Don’t let it go to waste. There are many people in need and not enough computers to provide for everyone. We need your help to spread the word about our computer recycle and giveaway program to people in Colorado. Do your part and let your friends know about our on-site pick up recycling program. Call today to find out how 303.578.6256.

Every recycled computer is one less headed for the landfill

However there are limitations to the program. Because we refurbish these computers and give them away to people in need, we can only take computers that are no more than 5 years old. nomonitorsWe’d like to help everyone, and try to, but beyond a certain point, computers become too old to refurbish. We also can’t take printers, or large CRT monitors. That’s because each monitor contains hazardous materials which cannot be transported by our team. For those type of electronics, they are best to be recycled by the CHaRM program in Boulder.  Or, Best Buy will also take them free of charge.

Data Destruction Guaranteed

At the ITGuys, we take information security very seriously. How seriously? Shred hard drives in a shredder seriously. We specialize in data destruction for large companies and provide this as a free service for 
those that recycle with the ITGuys Call us today to recycle your old computer. Also as a gift to you, the ITGuys will provide you with a coupon for $50 off any future service. Its just our way to say thank you for your help to keep our planet healthy, and reduce eWaste.


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