Boulder Computer Recycling by MyNewITGuys

Computers are being used in every part of life – Boulder Computer Recycling by MyNewITGuys.  Right from the schools to businesses, the computer is used for everything. The use of computers has changed our life in every manner. Earlier we used to write letters to our friends but now we are sending emails to our friends. This medium is fast, reliable and cheap but poses several environmental threats to our environment. The various components of a computer can be very dangerous if not disposed of properly, that’s where MyNewITGuys comes in with Boulder Computer Recycling.

Boulder Computer RecyclingComputers are so useful to us, so boulder computer recycling means either reuse of computers or the recycling of computers in boulder. A computer which may not have any use to you, but after Boulder Computer Recycling refurbishments can do a lot to others. Companies are constantly upgrading their technology equipment, and private individuals routinely purchase a new computer. Computers are considered obsolete in the fast-paced world are still very valuable to our schools and local non-profit agencies where a quality, refurbished computer can ease financial burdens from the high cost of purchasing new computer equipment.  Boulder Computer Recycling helps schools and non-profit agencies keep expenses down by providing refurbished computers loaded with a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows XP Professional along with upgraded software. Boulder Computer Recycling prioritizes recipients based on applications that will have the greatest impact toward lessening the digital divide.

MyNewITGuys – Boulder Computer Recycling – Giving back to the CommUNITY

Boulder Computer Recycling gives new life to computers that are obsolete. They can provide much help to those people who have lesser options in life.  If you donate operational used electronics, MyNewITGuys will refurbish them and give back to someone within the commUNITY that is in need.  Contact MyNewITGuys today and make a difference!  303.578.6256 or


If these computers are not recycled properly, they may release toxic wastes into the environment, thereby creating harmful environmental effects rather than positive environment friendly effects. There are various components in the computers that can be reused but if not used properly create negative effects to our environment. Boulder Computer Recycling makes sure that the several objects like tin, iron, aluminum, plastic etc that can be reused. These objects can be used to manufacture new computers thereby reducing the cost and making environment green and safe. If you are looking for boulder computer recycling services in CO then you must know that it involves either the reuse of computer or disposing off its parts safely to minimize the hazardous impact to environment- Boulder Computer Recycling is your answer.

Raising Awareness within the CommUNITY – Boulder Computer Recycling

Boulder Computer Recycling intends to raise awareness of the importance of responsible computer disposal and give residents a free and convenient way to do the right thing with their unwanted computer equipment. The goal of the program is to keep more than four million pounds of used computers and computer equipment from landfills in one year and to educate residents on the importance of proper computer recycling.

Give MyNewITGuys a call today, get rid of all your old used electronics to be disposed of properly by professionals. MyNewITGuys offers the best and most convenient Boulder Computer Recycling.


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