Bill Gross, Quite Possibly the smartest man alive

Bill Gross, Quite Possibly the smartest man alive

Yeah, I said it.

The spectrum of ideas goes something like this:

Theory of relativity, pretty good idea, roll on deodorant, great idea, Bill gross, brilliant.

If you haven’t heard of this guy yet, I’m not surprised. Somehow he’s kept a pretty low-key presence in the public light. But he could quite possibly be one of the most brilliant people that ever existed.

My scale of what determines brilliance may be different than yours but, I base my metrics on the amount of people the person’s ideas or activities positively affects. And one-time events don’t count.bill gross

Alexander Fleming did a great service to mankind by accidentally discovering Penicillin and changed the world of modern medicine, but after winning the Nobel Prize in 1945 and being knighted in 1944, he didn’t do much else after that.

George Washington Carver by contrast invented over 300 uses for peanuts, but aside from peanut butter and the comic strip, most of the other uses were confined to very narrow fields that affect a limited number of people with odd medical conditions or lubrication needs.

Da Vinci (brilliant guy too) on the other, other hand came up with some of the most inventive ideas ever for medical advances and science, but very few of his inventions or designs actually worked or could work until centuries later. And coming up with ideas that will finally happen someday in the future smacks of extra vague Nostradamus predictions that are bound to happen at some point. Why not just invent a reverse microwave…Hmm reverse microwave (*ponder, ponder*).

Moving on.

I first found out about Bill Gross when I was researching the Idea Lab at MyNewITGuys to find that he had started a company of a similar name in the late 90’s to develop business ideas, where ours is dedicated to changing lives with unique products.

There’s been many Bill gross wannabes but only one Bill gross original.

Of the many achievements that Bill Gross has accomplished in his life time he invented sponsored search results in search engines. Yeah, he invented it. Ever hear of Google? Yahoo? They would have been no where near as giant today without the efforts of this man.

But did he stop there? Oh no!

Bill Gorss went on to start Picasa, CitySearch, eToys, and 75 other super successful companies spanning a range of markets. Even in the face of a bad economy, he continues to persist with new and innovative business ideas to help create jobs and challenge the status quo.

And he goes on…

Even as I write these words I’m sure the people at his company are fast at working developing new ideas in the pipeline and thinking up creative ways to create more successful jobs for people. In watching interviews with the guy, it seems as though Bill Gross mind moves faster than his mouth can keep up. In a world where people are striving to come up with one good idea to make a difference, Bill Gross has got more in his head than he can handle on his own.

What a badass Bill Gross is

I could only hope to be half as awesome as Bill Gross someday.

Bill Gross, I tip my hat to you sir


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