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Buying your Apple Computer was easy, fixing it should be too

ITGuys is the premiere service for Mac and Apple computer repair. Our Certified technicians are well versed in the service and maintenance for any and all Arvada Apple Repair problems. We specialize in upgrading, cleaning, and repairing all makes of MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac computers.

arvada apple repair

Don’t wait weeks for the Apple Store to get back to you!

Arvada Apple Repair is a specialized service that should be handled by professionals like ITGuys. We’ve been helping people just like you for almost a decade and have perfected the science of Apple support. A solid Mac is an investment, and with proper maintenance your apple computer can last for years.

How to maintain an Apple computer?

Hard Drive Replacement

There a few ways to keep your apple computer running like new. The most common failure for Apple computers comes from the hard drive. Even SSDs (solid state drives) can fail overtime. They need to be replaced approximately every 5 years. Think of it like replacing the tires on a car. Like everything else, they just wear out over time.

Battery Replacement

Batteries are the next most common part to fail on Apple computers (for iMacs this doesn’t apply). Batteries tend to last about 3-5 years. After such time the battery stops holding a charge and the half-life of the lithium ions can degrade. In rare circumstances the batteries can begin to bulge out (called pregnant battery syndrome). In the case of pregnant batteries it’s important to replace immediately  because they can cause hardware damage and or explode.

Non-OEM Charger

Original apple chargers for apple computer wear out overtime. Sometimes, people buy non-OEM chargers to replace the original because they’re less expensive. However this can be dangerous, because the logic boards of apple computers are specifically tuned to the OEM chargers. When third party chargers are used, they can cause power failures and/or burn out motherboards.

Regular Maintenance

The key to keeping your mac healthy is regular maintenance. It’s a good idea to have your computer looked at every 6 months by a certified ITGuys technician. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your computer running like brand new is to make sure there are no surprises around the corner. An ITGuys tune up includes hardware diagnostics, software diagnostics, and repairs to the operating systems that degrade over time.

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